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PelicanHPC 3.0 problems

1) live-boot: core filesystems devices utils memdisk udev wget blockdev


The first dialog in PelicanHPC at boot time is for choosing the keyboard map (new in PelicanHPC v3.0):

PelicanHPC Setup Language


After few moments, this message appear and override the dialog, and hide "Don't touch keymap" item in the menu:

PelicanHPC Setup Language


If you move the selected item (by using up & down keys in keyboard), the items in the menu will apear again:

PelicanHPC Setup Language


This message is a standard output of command "mkinitramfs -d /etc/initramfs-pxe -o /srv/tftp/initrd.img &" in PelicanHPC script, now this message is redirected to /dev/null and will not appear at boot.


2) umount: can't umount /live/overlay: Device or resource busy

Somtimes this message appear at boot time, this is a bug in live-build 3.x, which fixed in live-build 4.x. However, this doesn't affect PelicanHPC job

This problem is fixed in PelicanHPC v3.1 (using live-build-4.0.2-1 in Debian Wheezy)


3) pelican_setup script fail sometimes in configuring network device

Unfortunately, sometimes nodes can't find DHCP server, or boot partially then crash (because the network device is configured by pelican_setup script temporally, then overridden by the network manager), and we get in the master node the following message:

PelicanHPC Network Device


This problem is fixed in PelicanHPC v3.1

However, to avoid this problem in PelicanHPC v3.0, before running pelican _setup script, run the command "nmcli dev disconnect iface eth0", of course without quotes and replace eth0 with your device


4) Stopping web server: apache2pache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

This is just a warning, it is fixed in PelicanHPC v3.1


5) Using "keyboard-layouts=es" doesn't work at boot until starting xfce desktop

This is useful if you need using a keyboard layout different from the default one (en_US), in PelicanHPC v3.0 you can choose the keyboard layout in first dialog (Configuring console-data)

PelicanHPC Keyboard Layout


This problem is fixed in PelicanHPC v3.1


6) Prompt of removing media (USB/DVD)

This is fixed by adding "noeject" to --bootappend-live in PelicanHPC script.



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